Comodo Personal Firewall

After Operating System and Antivirus What’s Next? For me it was Firewall. However, why I felt the need to install firewall is little different from normal firewall users.

Whenever I used to connect to internet through my broadband connection I observed that some thing is getting downloaded even though I am not doing anything. This was not good for two reasons:

  1. The very first thought came to my mind was it must be some virus but as I had good antivirus (avast) installed, I was not suspecting any virus activity so what was it?
  2. My Broadband connection is with download limit so I have to be very cautious about what I download.

So I wanted to know what is it which is downloading something without asking me and that’s where I started hunting for personal firewall software. I knew about Zone Alarm but when I went to there site I found that at most what I can get it there trial version and I was not ready for that. So I started searching for something more useful and found Personal Firewall From Comodo.

I went through few reviews about the product, when everyone was saying that its good then obvious question was why its free? Little more digging on Comodo Site lead me to Why Free and after going through that I download it without any doubt in my mind. Good Job Melih, that’s how you gain customer confidence.

So I started with Comodo Personal Firewall 2.x (I don’t remember exact version now) and it had everything that I needed. Clean User Interface and very easy to configure. Now I am using version 3.0 which is not as simple as previous version but with little bit of reading you can use it easily. I still use it only as Firewall and don’t pay much attention to rest of the features.

The best of CPF is:

  • Its Training Mode, after using it for couple of days it knows how is how and what it is supposed to do. This helps you a lot to get rid of closing more dialog boxes then actual browsing.
  • Its download once and use forever software, no registration, no annoying reminders nothing just a plan firewall which does its job really well.

Any way’s coming back to my byte stealer CPF told me that it was svshost.exe. With little bit of search on the net I found that it has something to do with windows update and keeps on downloading something or other whenever you are connected to internet. So I disabled windows update and that indeed solved the mystery.

Disable Windows Firewall from control panel one you have Comodo installed, it is not of much use anyway.

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5 Responses to Comodo Personal Firewall

  1. Chexxer says:

    I’ve been a user of ZoneAlarm for years but about six months ago, it was giving problems on XP and Vista computers. So I started checking out possible replacement firewall’s. Tried a few and Comodo Firewall Pro was the best solution for XP and Vista, gets good ratings and is free.

    Initially I had a lot of pop ups, I didn’t select learn mode. It also pops up during installations and updates, which I don’t mind, ZoneAlarm did this once an updated program tried to access the Internet anyway.

    It’s been very robust, and I’m very pleased with it.

  2. excogitator says:

    Thanks for update Chexxer, I guess you have enabled Defence+ Security along with Firewall, this will ask you to approve the changes to registry when you install/uninstall or update software.

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  4. Max says:

    To start, allow me to point out that your internet site is fantastic. I love the theme that you have. It was very easy on the eyes. Appreciate your article too. Definitely subscribed to your feed to make sure I won’t be missing out on any updates. Excellent job! Toast to a productive business

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