Lightscreen – Screen Capture Tool

When you want to write a technical blog like this, one of the most useful tool is screen capture/screenshot. It helps you to explain what you are doing in much easier way. Windows provide basic screen capture functionality using print screen key but it only allows you to capture the whole screen or a complete window. Just in case if you don’t know how it works, press “Print Screen” to capture whole desktop and press “Alt + Print Screen” to capture the window in focus. There is no way to capture a part of screen or window, if you want to do this you need to use some other Graphics Editor (Such as GIMP) to edit captured images to meet your requirement.

Lightscreen is the tiny free software tool which allows you to capture screen as you need i.e.

  • Capture the whole desktop
  • Capture the window
  • Capture the Selection (any part of the desktop)
  • Delayed mode for all three options above

No more editing, cutting, cropping.

Key Features of Lightscreen:

  • Allows you to capture Desktop, Window or Selection
  • Provide a delayed capture functionality, this is very useful if you want to capture animation effects
  • User configurable hot keys for each function
  • User defined file names and options to choose between index and time stamp for file name
  • Can export captured images in PNG, JPEG and BMP format
  • User configurable Sound and pop-up notification (again very useful in delayed mode)
  • Screen shot quality selection
  • You can use mouse of keyboard to initiate screen capture
  • Easy configuration
  • Free software released under GPL

The similar application called KSnapshot is already available in KDE if you are a Linux user.

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