The New Look

I am pretty obsessed with Black and Orange color combination no wonder I own Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. Anyways that was the main reason behind choosing Sunburn as my first theme. I liked Sunburn for this color combination and excellent readability. However, as most my posts have long titles, the huge title font was not really suitable and it was quite difficult to find out different entries under Top Posts and Recent Posts widgets.

I was in no mood to give up the Black and Orange combination so my search ended on “Black Letterhead” by Ulysses Ronquillo. This theme solves both of my problems with previous theme and on top of that the individual posts don’t have side bars (See this in action) so you can concentrate more on what you are looking for rather than what I want to show you.

I am sure you will like it as it will makes your experience better on Tech Tool Tips.

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