Video Conversion with ffmpeg and Avanti

With so many video formats and video players around its not easy to find a tool which can convert any format to any other format. On top of that availability of so many converter softwares makes it even more difficult to find the correct match for your requirements.

ffmpeg is a free video processing library released under LGPL. ffmpeg is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. This is a very powerful library and is capable of encoding, decoding, muxing and demuxing almost all video formats in use today. In short with this single tool you can convert any video format to any other video format Such as:

  • Convert to DivX, Xvid
  • Convert to 3gp
  • Convert to IPOD/IPHONE video
  • Convert DVD to MPEG1, 2, 4
  • Convert DVD to AVI (Divx)

However, with so many features it is equally difficult to use, also as it is a command line tool, you need to understand the properties of source format and destination format and based on that you need to supply different parameters to ffmpeg.

This is where Avanti comes to your rescue. Avanti is a free GUI frontend for ffmpeg for windows users. Avanti make it very easy for users to configure the properties of the output format and determines the required ffmpeg switches automatically. It also provides the templates for conversion between most common formats in different video schemes so that you don’t have to dig for all the details required to covert from one format to another format. You can also create your own templates so that you don’t have to remember those settings.

These two tools provides you unlimited capabilities in video conversion.

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