KDirStat – Visual Disk Usage Statistics

Someone has said that “A Picture is worth thousand words”. I completely agree with this statement when it come to determine hard disk usage. This requirement is even more prominent when you want to clean up your hard disk, if we know which directory occupies more space on hard disk we can concentrate on it for clean up. Similarly if we know which directory contains more number of files we might want to keep it defragmented to speed up the system.

There are many command line utilities that can provide this information du, dir, df etc. The problem with these commands is the results are not usable as it is either we need to sort them or combine them (to the level you want) and they don’t get the information is not relative to each other or total disk size.

What is KDirStat:

KDirStat is a visual disk usages statistic application for KDE users (Windows users please check out my post on WinDirStat here). This application scans the whole file system or given directory and displays the statistics both in numerical form as well as graphical form. See the picture below to understand what I am talking about:

KDirStat Main Window

KDirStat Main Window

Numerical view: As shown in above picture, top half of the image shows directory tree along with file size, percentage usage with respect to the total size in numerical as well as bar graph form, and last accessed date. The important part is if you go to the directory entry in this tree it will show the total usage of the directory including all sub-directories and files in them.

Graphical view: The bottom part is graphical view where each file is shown as a block, size of the block is relative to size of the file and space it occupies with respect to total size. Just like tree view all files in the given directory are grouped together.

Both the views are linked to each other, if you want to know space consumed by given directory, select it in tree view and corresponding block will be highlighted in Graphical view, If you see a huge block in graphical view click on it and tree view will point to the corresponding entry, this is very handy when you want to do system cleanup.

KDirStat Features:

  • Graphical and numeric display of used disk space
  • Different directory levels are shown in different colors
  • Individual file in a directory are grouped together in <files> item to improve the readability
  • Graphical view makes it very easy to find huge files
  • Basic file opeartions can be done from KDirStat itself
  • Synchronized graphical and numerical view
  • Each block in graphical view is colored as per its file type
  • Different types of graphical view
  • Both the views can be zoomed to required directory level
  • Predefined cleanup actions such as delete, archive
  • User defined cleanup actions
  • Lot of fun
  • Free Software released under GPL

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  1. After reading this article, I feel that I need more info. Could you share some resources ?

  2. excogitator says:

    @ How to Get Six Pack Fast

    Can you be little more specific? iI have already provided all the resources I had in this port.

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