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Have you ever looked at some of the comments in your old code  and felt bad about the spelling mistakes? While programming we also make use of  abbreviation and short substitutes  for some words (e.g. using “val” for “Value”, “rev” for “Revision”). Compilers help us to ensure that the code is spelled correctly (by correct I mean we are consistently making the same spelling mistake:)). This might be acceptable and required in the code but comments should be written in non-programmer’s language, your code can be read by non-programmers as well (Don’t agree? Feel free to do drop me a line).

Any ways the point is, there can be lot of spelling mistakes in the code and comments because of two main reasons. First, we concentrate more on programing and second, most editors do not have inbuilt spell checking. Needless to say, if any application used for editing/creating text does not have inbuilt spell check, there will be a fair chance for having spelling mistakes in the final output.

This is where tinySpell comes to rescue. As its name suggests, it is a tiny background utility which allows user to check spellings anywhere in any MS Windows application.

It checks spellings as user types and notify the user when it detects any misspelled words. How you want to be notified is  configurable. After detection it also allows user to correct the spelling mistakes. The exact method used to get the list of corrections is configured by the user. I have configured down arrow key for this purpose to be consistent with other spell checkers and to make it easier to select between suggested corrections.

tinySpell can also check spellings for the text copied in clipboard. Truly speaking I haven’t tried it yet myself, let’s take authors word for it.

If you are thinking that, there is something always running in the background to check the spellings  and I also have inbuilt spell checker in some applications which can not be disabled, how co-operative tinySpell is in this case? and what will happen here? Good Point! You wouldn’t like to be notified for same spelling mistakes twice, would you? Well, you can configure tinySpell to disable spell check in particular application. It allows user to disable spell checking based on either window name or application name. You can also enable/disable tinySpell all together if required.

One more thing worth mentioning about this utility is, it needs very less system resources. I am always paranoid about installing background applications/services which will go on forever for this reason.

tinySpell Feature:

  • Checks spelling in any Windows application
  • Checks spelling as you type it
  • Configure spell check alert
  • Configurable correction mechanism
  • User can add words to the dictionary
  • User and select application for which tinySpell should be enabled and disabled
  • Global enable/disable
  • Efficient use of system resources
  • Available as portable version which does not need any installation
  • Can be enabled to start on power on

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This review is based on version 1.9.30 of tinySpell free variant. This review does not cover tinySpell+ which is paid version of tinySpell with more features. 

End Note:

My friend, machine never does or thinks of doing anything wrong or bad, the man behind the machine is responsible” – Va Pu Kale

What’s the purpose of this quote? Well, there can be spelling  mistakes in this post as well but  don’t blame Firefox spell checker or tinySpell for them. Feel free to help me in correcting them though.

Checks spelling in any Windows application
Checks spelling on-the-fly (alerts if the last typed word was misspelled)
Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
Allows you to specify applications for which tinySpell is disabled or enabled
Allows you to add words to the dictionary
Optionally beeps on error (beep sound can be easily set to any wav file)
Optionally displays a spelling tip (see example)
Provides easy access to on-line web services
(Search, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia) (see here)
Opens replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hot-key
Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard
Optionally inserts the selected replacement word into the document
new in 1.9.30: Optionally ignores text that is typed in password fields
(supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox (Mozilla), Safari)
new in 1.9.30: Checks for updates with options to download and install new versions
Easy Enable/Disable
Uses little system resources
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7 Responses to tinySpell – Check Spellings Anywhere

  1. Russell says:

    I tryed tiny spell and it dose not work I am using windows 7 and now I can not uninstall tinyspell from my computer it keeps saying tiny spell is still running and can not be uninstalled how do I turn it off and then uninstall it form my computer any help please

    • excogitator says:

      @ Russell,

      Thanks for the visit, unfortunately I don’t have windows 7 to try out that and never used it before. You may try to kill the process manually and try to un-install. If you can elaborate more on what exactly do you mean by it does not work, some other readers might be able to provide some suggestions.

      Also tinySpell website does not list Windows 7 as supporting operating system.

  2. vstar says:

    Russell, I had the same problem and it’s really a shame because I love this program. Go wo where TinySpell is under “Programs” and ope it up. You will see an uninstaller there. That’s the only way I was able to get rid of it. If you’re unsure where it’s located right click on the desktop icon and find it in the Properties. When I did that I had the option to open the folder from there. Hope this helps.

  3. Awesome post!!! tinySpell app is very popular and easily download in my windows 7. i like this program.it contain many features and i like it.thank you very much for sharing nice program.
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  4. John Smith says:

    Reblogged this on JB's Blog.

  5. Suisl says:

    How to knockoff sound buzzer in tinyspell, coz. every abbreviated spell it will come. specially in Skype, WhatsApp etc:

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