The New Look, Yet Again

When I changed the theme last time the main reason was readability and interestingly this time also I am changing the theme for the same reason. I usually use laptop or LCD screen to view my blog and it was never appeared to me that I should have checked the same theme on CRT screen as well. I happened to view my blog using CRT screen and it was not readable. The contrast and font size was making it very difficult to read. So I decided to give it a new look again. This time I am giving up on my obsession for orange color 🙂 and opted for no nonsense theme.

What is in it for you:

The new theme is Twenty Ten and I have chose this theme because:

  1. It has bigger font
  2. It uses only four colors and they are White (Text Background), Black (Text Color), Blue (Not visited links) and Purple (Visited links) which gives it a good old plain HTML look and very good contrast.
  3. It also has an option to select the background color, which helped me to improve the contrast even further.
  4. It has 1 side bar and 4 bottom bars. I have used the side bar for widgets of general interest and bottom bars for not so general widgets.
  5. This division of widgets will give you clutter free experience, keeping things you need frequently easily accessible.
  6. It has custom menu and I have used it to allow selection of frequently used categories based on the history.
  7. This theme looks same while editing the post so that I can make out how the end result will look like while preparing a post.

I hope it will improve your experience, you are most welcome to provide your suggestions.


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