I am an Embedded Software Engineer by profession. Programming, Electronics, Computer Assembly and Setup are my hobbies. Through this blog I intend to share information about my various experiments, software & tools that I use and some of the tips and tricks that might be helpful. Mostly all of us face similar issues and need to dig through numerous websites and documents to find the perfect solutions. Here I will try to provide all the information at one place.

On this blog I will concentrate on.

  1. Some of the cool free software & tools (mostly GNU, FSF)
  2. Tutorials
  3. Tips & Tricks

I really stand by my tag line “Something That Works For Me” i.e. nothing will ever come to this blog without me trying it myself, that’s the promise.

Declaimer: The information provided on this blog is accurate to my knowledge and is based on my experiences, this may or may not work for you. I will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to anyone using information provided on this blog.


For Header Image Of The Thinking Man (Excogitator)  Is Based on

The Thinker by(Stephan Skiba) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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